quinta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2015

Em 2016, shall Thy Force be within our Holy Spirit, including several Thors with long return and Kampae´sin our Frozen Castles ;)

Brazilianly speking, vamos comer muitos perus sadios, linguiças sem trema, lentilhas mágicas como as que eu plantei perto do meu Jesuis cristinho voador, e muito chá nos polysucos ;)

1REIS 3-5::UpstreamingKcalories

The path of the righteous men (including those gorgeous and hot ones) is beset by the tirelessness of the fat boy and lazy ones. Blessed is he, who in the name of calories and good will, went to the gym and 'levantou a bunda gorda do sofá para correr atrás do carro dos sonhos que estava passando' (agradecimento ao Paulo, sobrinho da voz do carro dos sonhos ;)) ²pode ser Subaru?

EoT with Banana Pancakes \o/

quinta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2015

OrthoOlympic /games 90´s Atlanta Chicago Illinois Ohio

Um oferecimentgo: BoneKas de lata (thy Iron Maiden)

Dear Pooka,

Let´s Pizza the Icona´s Pop´s Lorde´s Royal Flush of Texas Holdem ?Blind Celtic Folk Iron Maiden route 66 Chrisumasu TimTim Eisen Schin Pilsen Constant Pottery oh my looove...

BTW, Beyoncès fans, fuck the rages and SuperBowlstuff, we´re keep on walking Nikki Minaj´s Grimm´s Big Buttery and integral ack apple rice webertanz, doing our best South Park exchanging of pedhantysms, going deep on Abraham Lincon´´s Pareto´s Jack´s and Karins, in order to get John Lee Hooker back to: "One bourbon, one Johnny Walker Black Label and one Strong Pilsen Bierhen".

MMXing on IA64 Octacore, who run the World? /christina Aguilhera, L7 like a Virgin on VMA XXIst century of Asatru vrill!

Simplifying, you can go higher, stronger, andjust for one moment touch Iridium, but you all have t keep trying to see AOL´s Ami´s Am I? oh yeah toshi, you have to work beach!

Enton, pegha no pya, ja klar?

The Best of Chicago´s Hockey Champion´s Token ;)